Michael Orton-Toliver (fourmdot) wrote,
Michael Orton-Toliver


I have not poisted in a while. Ironically, I have alot of things goin on. Here's a list:

1.Katy and I broke up (for good)

2.My mom visits me this saturday. She doesn't know about me and Katy. When she finds out she'll disown (spelling) me.

3.I catch a train to germany tomorrow so that I can do a show for Sony Ericson at 8 am on thursday.

4.I am going to the gym everyday (Hypothetically) and my back hurts.

5.Kevin, Will, and Brendan are coming out on the 26th. I am really excited, but very dissapointed that Josh is not coming with them.

6.I miss everyone back at home.
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