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Kevin Manwarren is a good guy

Today I woke up really late. Three in the afternoon to be exact. It was a well deserved sleep in as we have been working on the new show "Me, Myspace and iPod" all week long. In addition to the late night sets and all day rehearsals, I moved out of my place and into "party central"(house that boom owns) this week. I will be living here temporarily; until Ryan Gowland leaves. It's a beautiful apartment with a huge bathtub.

ANYHOW. After taking a bath and making some tea i went out with BJ to eat some calzones and get high on one of boom's boats as we sail down the canals.

Life is good here sometimes.

BUTTTTTTT. The point of this entry is.


I miss that guy, and love him.

Naima: don't tell grandma i get high.

Taladega Nights doesn't come out here untill late november. That's awesome!

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