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Got in My first bike accident last night.

For those who don't know, Amsterdam is ruled by the bike. I see cars and trams and stuff, but most people are ridding bikes. Tarik (the actor I replaced) gave me his bike just before he left and I've been "learing" ever since. One of the things to learn is to always cross tram tracks perpendicularly (sp) or else your bike wheel might get caught and launch you off the bike. This happened to Dan a little while back and he had to get stitches. Last night i rode home in the rain and had the very same thing happen to me. I am ok, luckly. Just embarrased i guess. There was a dutch guy who watched happen and he said "CHKG8ERCKK" and i told him i was ok.

I wouldn't move to europe if they paid me.
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Wait. Aren't you moved to Europe? Because they paid you?
Are Dutch keyboards, like, missing letters or something?
i'm glad you are updating. i miss you. so much in fact that i ate a shitload of patty's today. and your memory was delicious
I miss you too, man. I didn't even get to say goodbye to the cool man that you are. I hope to come visit you as soon as I am done with school. It seems likely that I will. I will try calling you soon.
Yeah, I said love david.
It wasn't stitches. It was glue. That's right. The Dutch put glue on my head.