Michael Orton-Toliver (fourmdot) wrote,
Michael Orton-Toliver

Stable enough

Hello all.

I am stable enough, I think, to check in with everyone back in the states. Boy do I miss all of you. This morning I had a dream about how I was gonna spend my saturday. First I am gonna go and eat some patty's and then I was gonna call Stan and hang out at his mom's house. Maybe go swimming, maybe shoots some hoops. Then I would call Todd and maybe hang out with him after the shows or something- hopefully he and I can stop bickering; people are gonna think we are gay or something. Then I woke up and realized that first- it ain't fucking saturday- and two I live in fucking Amsterdam.

What happened instead?

Mr. Anderson (my roomates cat who decided that a nice welcoming gift would be to shit all over my carpet... I think i counted three shit piles that were fresh and two that were a week old or so...) jimmy opened my door and jumped on my bed (How does a cat jimmy open a door?)and started licking my face. I'm allergic to cats, so this gives me an asthma attack. Fortunately, I have my inhaler. But wait! Mr. Anderson thinks this is a toy! "Hey look, an asthma inhaler! I'm scratch that dark guy a whole bunch until he gives to me. And then, when I get it from him, I am gonna hide underneath the couch with it so he has to find another one. Ha Ha, that's funny". I cleared up my asthma and then hoped into the shower to wipe off all the dander... Anyone know how to use the showers in Amsterdam? Cause I burned my back this morning.

After getting dressed I hoped on my recently acquired bike and set of to find my way to Boom. Without asking anyone for directions! Forty five minutes later I was at Boom ready to hang out with someone, anyone. The problem with that is everyone I know works at boom, so they never want to hang out there during the day. Fuck I'm lonely.

And to think, I could have spent all day at Stan's moms house... You know, his pool as salt water in it? Yean, that's so they don't have to put chlorine in it.... You should check it out... it's cool.... ( tear)

Miss America!


p.s: Favortie moment so far... Watching a Dutch guy buy a Yankees shirt cause he "likes American baseball" and not knowing it was a Daryl Strawberry Jersey.
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