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It’s been a while since I have posted. I noticed that Danny does these long “sum it all up” entries. I like them so I’m gonna rip him off.


Everything Amsterdam is good. I like the people. I like the weather (for now). Boom Chicago is the best job I’ve ever had in my life. If all things continue, I plan to be here for a little while.

In the last week and a half, really only two shitty things have happened to me. First, I lost my wallet. This fucking sucked. Losing you wallet always does, but losing it in a foreign country? That’s shit . I think I lost it in the train station on the way to Frankfurt. All my Id’s, bank cards, and fifty euros are gone. Thankfully, my bank account in America was frozen, because I owe back taxes. So, no one can charge that sucker.

I canceled my dutch debit card. That was difficult. Here’s a snipit of the conversation I had with the bank teller on the phone.

Mike: I lost my wallet and I need to cancel my debit card

Dutch bank teller: Yeah, Ok…You lost your wallet?

Mike: …Yeah and I need to cancel my bank card.

Dutch Bank teller: Was your bank card in your wallet?

Mike: Yes… I need to replace it

Dutch bank teller: uh. Yeah, I can do that.

Mike: Great, thank you….

DBT: …

Mike: …. So d-

DBT: Give me your account number

Mike: 556798900

DBT: Ok…


DBT: What is your name?

Mike: Michael Orton- Toliver


DBT: uh… Yeah, Ok. I can’t do this.

Mike: Why not.

DBT: This name does not match your account number .

Mike: … Um… Ok… What number did I give you

DBT: It is not right number.

Mike: Ok, should I give it to you again?

DBT: Yeah, but this time , uh, can you give me the right number?

Mike: Ok … 556798900


DBT: Ok, your card is canceled.

I hope my confusion was conveyed in that retelling.

Two days ago I bought a new “euro” wallet. It has a change purse built in!

I also lost my cell phone. That was the other shitty thing, but I found it the next day. Crisis averted.


Things with Katy are pretty tough. If you don’t already know, Katy and I broke up before I came out here. Well, kinda broke up… Things are confusing and being this far away doesn’t help. Is that too personal for live journal? I don’t know the gage.


Deadwood is the best show ever! Only cocksuckin’ celestial heathens disagree.

While on the subject, I’ve decided that I like all things HBO. Not to say that they can’t make crap shows. It’s just that all of my favorite tv shows are on HBO. Im not a big fan of lost, desperate housewives, 24, house, csi, studio 60, or anything on regular tv really. They just don’t seem to be as invested in characters relationships with each other and the audience. The only critique I have ( more an observation than a critique) is that everyone one of their comedies has to be about celeberties or stars celeberties playing themselves. Can HBO be funny without famous camios?

Studio 60 sucks.


The toughest part of this job is not being able to see my family. Being away from the these last two months has highlighted just how close we were. Not just as kin, but as friends also. I would give anything to have a Sunday where we all sit around the living room making fun of my mom. I miss hanging out with Naima and Andrew and seeing the babies and gossiping with my sister. Before I left they all seemed pretty unenthusiastic about coming and visiting me. I hope that changes. I love those guys. My mom especially! (she would bitch if I didn’t mention her).

Todd Wilson.

I hung out a lot with Todd before I came out here and I miss that. We always had a good time just doing nothing. I would drive an hour out to his house so that we could go out and have fun. And every single fucking time we just ended up hangin out at his house or going and watching an ultimate show. Man it was lame. We also would bicker a lot, it was almost embarrassing , but I don’t think more than two hours went by without us getting pissed at each other. Man I miss that dude.

P.S. The account number above is fake.
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I'm flattered, really.

Miss you man!

P.S.- I'm glad you told me that account # was fake, because I was already half way through stealing your identity. That would have been embarrassing.
its the dutch bank teller's account number. but you don't want to steal that, cause then people will think you're dutch.
dude, whit told me that nichole got married. crazy.
hahahaha! the only reason i found out is the trusty claremont courier.

and i miss mike by the way.
DUdE! That totally went down in like july. She didn't invite any of the "homies", but she did invite Calle... Random? Anyone?

I want to come over and visit before Matt leaves. I guess that means before Christmas. I have some money but I can't spend too much. But I'm going to do it. Who's with me?
i'm with you, in everything you do in life, and in this
Don't fuck with my emotions. That would make me soo fucking happy. Bring todd too!!!
I disagree sir, I happen to like Studio 60 a whole hell of a lot. But I do agree with Will in that Battlestar Galactica IS the best show on TV. It's funny that you got into Deadwood, I never could. You should check out Entourage or Big Love cause they're the other awesome HBO shows, next to the Sopranos of course.
I've checked out both of those shows and I dig on them. Have you noticed that nothing bad can ever happen to the dudes on Entourage? They live the life.
Yeah, whenever you think something bad is going to happen to the "Entourage" something worse happen's to Ari. I wonder if they're even still going with the idea that it's based on Mark Wahlberg.
I didnt know that you and katy broke up =[
but everything will be better when you get back right!?
hmph now u have me crying
Do you get your Oprah fix out there in A-dam?

Miss you buddy.
I've watched it a few times. But not enough to satisfy my thirst.

COme and visit me!