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The Show Process

Every year Boom Chicago writes a new show. The process takes a month of hard work, no sleep, and little pay. We are just passed the middle hump of an exhausting month, and last week I lost my fucking mind!!

Normally rehearsal last from twelve to five followed by a two hour break. During the two hour break I go home, try to get a nap, take a shower, and head back to the theatre by seven (call time). We run sketches and new games from seven to eight, and start the show at eight fifteen. Curtain call is around ten, give or take a few minutes. After the show is done, we do a set ( to test new material). The set is done around ten thirty. Notes last us about thirty minutes (forty five lately...). Long story short, I am in the bar around eleven thirty for my staff drink, and home by one for a few episodes of Deadwood before I pass out.

Two days ago this didn't happend


I fell asleep at four in the morning and woke up three hours later ABSOLUTELY convinced it was eight pm rather than eight am.

I think this happens to alot of people. You wake up in a panic thinking you are late for work, but you're not and you go back to bed.


After stubbing my toe, getting dressed, brusing my teeth, running downstairs, unlocking my bike, ridding my bike, stopping at a red light, ridding my bike more, I still thought It was night time and I was late for a show. I called Matt and Bj but they didn't answer. I thought I was gonna get fired. Dan answered his phone, I told him I was gonna be late for the show. He told me it was eight in the morning.


It was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.

* Only after dan told me what time it was did I realize that it was brisk and foggy outside. That people were on their way to work. That the sun was on the otherside.

I hope its the stress and lack of sleep. If not, I have a brain tumor.
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