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MY Job

Nate Hillen and I would vent on how dodgy the Boom actors were when they came home. Maybe "dodgy" is the wrong word, but it just seemed like they could never give an acurate protrayal of what it was like in Amsterdam. Now that I think of it, Nate and I were fools. We'd never been to Amsterdam or expierienced a Boom show and still we knew what it was like and everyone else who actually "lived" there was wrong. This is for Nate:

Every friday Boom Chicago does a "Heiniken Late Night". A show where all ten of the actors perform together playing games we pick and getting drunk on free beeer in the process. The feeling all around and all night is "good" or "laidback". Some of my most memorable experiences are during "HLN". Like this friday when Jon Rosenfeld Aka "pep" Aka my boss pulled me aside to have a "talk".

My first thought was "this is it". It's taken me a while to get used to the shows and all thge games and references and talent and lifestyle etc... Im gonna get fired. Im just not fitting in.

Pep: Hey mike? Can I talk to you for a minute

Me: Yeah, Is there something wrong?

Pep: Do you want to go to Dance party tomorrow with me and Andrew where you have to t take ectasy (sp)

Me: Um... I don't... Let me think about it?

Pep: Great!

I ended up turning him down. I don't think I could ever do x.

Oh, and "Andrew"? He's the owner of Boom.

Nate: That's exactly what this job is like.
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