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A little Better.

Things, for now, are better...

I hope not to sound like a man who doesn't appreciate what he has, but this last week has been tough.

Yesterday was the last time I will have this conversation with anyone at Boom:

Mike: Hey do you know what the first thing I am going to do when I get home next week?

Boomer: ...What?

Mike: Go drive around in a car, and eat Patty's and hug my nephews and make fun of my sister and-

Boomer: Mike.

Mike: What?

Boomer: You aren't going home next week.

I thought it was funny, but it never made them laugh.

It's time to except this change has final, at least temporarily. That's why lastnight I went home early instead of staying out and drinking. I got a good nights sleep. I woke up early. I went to the grocery store. I ate breakfast. I drank some water. I took care of myself. This place is going to be my home for atleast the next year. I better start living here.

We started to write our new show this week. It's called My Myspace and iPod. It's a pretty fun concept- lots of Technical shit and a great design. I am looking forward to working with new people like Brian Jack and Hillary along with my old compadres.

Heiniken Late Night Tonight! I'm gonna get drunk!
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