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22nd February 2007

3:01am: Made it home
I am back in Amsterdam. I had a wonderful time in california, but Boom is home for now. Seeing my family was remarkable. Going to vegas was a blast and spending Valentines day with Nate was awesome. It was pretty weird and awkward seeing some people, but I guess things like that happen. Thanx to all who hung out! I am now off to athens for a week long corporate in the sun. Will post pictures when I get back


23rd December 2006

10:15pm: Home!
I will be home visiting from Febuary 6th till Febuary 20th. Who is hangin out?

18th December 2006

12:02pm: Wii
I've spent all night playing with the new Nintendo Wii. I think the idea is really clever and it clearly gets my award for most inventive new, cool, video game thingy. Still, you have to move around too much and I don't like that. I am willing to admit it, one of the appealing qualities of video games is that you get to sit on your ass. Thanx, but no thanx nintendo

5th December 2006

9:06pm: Im unappreciative
Brendan, Kevin and Will are gone after spending a week out here with me and Matt.

First off all, let me say I had a great time, especially when we got to see Minus the Bear (everyone needs to check them out)! But, in some ways it was really tough to have them out here.

The biggest reason was that I knew they were going to leave after only a week. I was a little sad just seconds after first seeing them. Its like the clock had started and time was running out. The second reason is harder to explain…

Seeing people from home is like evidence that you exist. That’s why Matt and I literally beg for people to come out. Not to sound like a bitch, Amsterdam is great, the job is great, the people are great. But its not where I am from, and it’s not where I am going. Seeing family and friends from the “old country” gives me a shot at perspective:

Me: Look at that! Isn’t that fucking crazy!

Family/Friend: Yeah, we never do it like that at home.

…but us boomers talk big game about our lifestyles and reputations out here. So, when someone comes out to visit there is a self inflicted pressure to produce. So I end up stressing myself out to shit. Todd, Will, Kevin, and Brendan all had a great time without a lot of help from me, but still you feel like you are letting them down if they aren’t partying at all times. But most of the time I don’t want to party. I want to sit and catch up, maybe get dinner. It’s a weird balance… fucking Amsterdam.

Consequently I am left with this exhausted emptiness when they leave… my friends are gone… It’s like I don’t exist again. And I didn’t even really get to see them.

Don’t get me wrong- we do party hard. Here’s a list of things I witnessed while with my buds.

1. An African American man screaming “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you” at me as we walked down the Leidseplein.

2. Brendan and Kevin locking themselves inside Matt’s apartment for two hours

3. A Dutch woman seeking refuge at our party from her crazy Cuban boyfriend who was beating her up.

4. Kevin getting choked.

5. Two English kids doing coke on Chapman’s couch.

6. Ending an all night party at noon with playing catch in the middle of the street with an american football.

7. A Dutch woman dressed like six from TV’s Blossom soloing on the trumpet.

8. Keving proclaiming “that’s bullshit” after waiting too long for the cook to replace his beloved Spaghetti ball.

Maybe the cure is a nice trip home.

I sound like a bitch.
Current Mood: tired

14th November 2006

9:05pm: Haven't
I have not poisted in a while. Ironically, I have alot of things goin on. Here's a list:

1.Katy and I broke up (for good)

2.My mom visits me this saturday. She doesn't know about me and Katy. When she finds out she'll disown (spelling) me.

3.I catch a train to germany tomorrow so that I can do a show for Sony Ericson at 8 am on thursday.

4.I am going to the gym everyday (Hypothetically) and my back hurts.

5.Kevin, Will, and Brendan are coming out on the 26th. I am really excited, but very dissapointed that Josh is not coming with them.

6.I miss everyone back at home.

27th October 2006

4:20pm: The Wonder Years
I just finished watching the first five seasons of “The Wonder Years” . It took me about two weeks to watch all ninety three episodes. What a great show! But, I have some notes:

1.) Kevin is a fucking asshole to Paul:

Kevin and Paul are supposed to be “best friends” , but all I ever noticed was Kevin bitching to him
LIKE A BITCH! Paul should have gotten some balls and left Kevin at the waste side a long fucking time ago.In one episode Kevin makes Paul miss work (for which he almost gets fired)in order to drive three hours to a lake so that Kevin can hook up with some girl that he met almost a year before. Of course, they never hook up and Kevin realizes that he still loves Winnie Cooper. All while Paul sits in the car reading a map! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PAUL?!?!

In one episode Paul’s dad strikes it rich and buys a pool and brand new color TV. Kevin bitches about it the whole episode and then Paul’s dad looses his fortune and cries in front of everyone….

Are you fucking kidding me?

2.) Kevin Arnold has “Rainman” memory

How the fuck does he remember all that shit?!? Even scenes he wasn’t in!!! Not to mention he must be boring as fuck to hang out with in the future; always telling stories and stuff. Plus, who talks that way unless their life goes completely to hell? Like Saliari (sp?) in “Amedeus” . Did Winnie Cooper get breast cancer in the future or something? The whole show is like he’s giving each character their eulogy.

3.) Winnie isn’t all that hot.

She’s got charm and a really cute face, but Kevin had way hotter girls during the run of the show. In episode forty eight Madeline Adams kisses him for no reason!! She’s WAAAAYYYY hotter than Winnie. And in episode fifty eight he actually gets a chance to date her, but he chooses to fawn over Winnie instead… idiot.

Madeline Adams: “I never saw what the big deal about Winnie Cooper was anyway.”


4.) Who is video tapping all that shit?

About forty percent of the episodes start with old family videos featuring EVERY family member. Who is shooting all that shit and why? Sounds too expensive for Jack Arnold’s liking. I can’t wait to film of every day of my child’s life and then stop when they turn twelve. Fuck Graduation!

5.) Kevin’s brother looks like Alf.

All in all I love the show.

Great soundtrack.

P.S. Todd comes to visit today. I can't wait.
Current Mood: anxious

16th October 2006

7:30pm: Podcast
Hey everyone. I was interviewed this week on the Boomchicago podcast. I am the second podcast for those who want to listen.


6th October 2006

2:21pm: hey
It’s been a while since I have posted. I noticed that Danny does these long “sum it all up” entries. I like them so I’m gonna rip him off.


Everything Amsterdam is good. I like the people. I like the weather (for now). Boom Chicago is the best job I’ve ever had in my life. If all things continue, I plan to be here for a little while.

In the last week and a half, really only two shitty things have happened to me. First, I lost my wallet. This fucking sucked. Losing you wallet always does, but losing it in a foreign country? That’s shit . I think I lost it in the train station on the way to Frankfurt. All my Id’s, bank cards, and fifty euros are gone. Thankfully, my bank account in America was frozen, because I owe back taxes. So, no one can charge that sucker.

I canceled my dutch debit card. That was difficult. Here’s a snipit of the conversation I had with the bank teller on the phone.

Mike: I lost my wallet and I need to cancel my debit card

Dutch bank teller: Yeah, Ok…You lost your wallet?

Mike: …Yeah and I need to cancel my bank card.

Dutch Bank teller: Was your bank card in your wallet?

Mike: Yes… I need to replace it

Dutch bank teller: uh. Yeah, I can do that.

Mike: Great, thank you….

DBT: …

Mike: …. So d-

DBT: Give me your account number

Mike: 556798900

DBT: Ok…


DBT: What is your name?

Mike: Michael Orton- Toliver


DBT: uh… Yeah, Ok. I can’t do this.

Mike: Why not.

DBT: This name does not match your account number .

Mike: … Um… Ok… What number did I give you

DBT: It is not right number.

Mike: Ok, should I give it to you again?

DBT: Yeah, but this time , uh, can you give me the right number?

Mike: Ok … 556798900


DBT: Ok, your card is canceled.

I hope my confusion was conveyed in that retelling.

Two days ago I bought a new “euro” wallet. It has a change purse built in!

I also lost my cell phone. That was the other shitty thing, but I found it the next day. Crisis averted.


Things with Katy are pretty tough. If you don’t already know, Katy and I broke up before I came out here. Well, kinda broke up… Things are confusing and being this far away doesn’t help. Is that too personal for live journal? I don’t know the gage.


Deadwood is the best show ever! Only cocksuckin’ celestial heathens disagree.

While on the subject, I’ve decided that I like all things HBO. Not to say that they can’t make crap shows. It’s just that all of my favorite tv shows are on HBO. Im not a big fan of lost, desperate housewives, 24, house, csi, studio 60, or anything on regular tv really. They just don’t seem to be as invested in characters relationships with each other and the audience. The only critique I have ( more an observation than a critique) is that everyone one of their comedies has to be about celeberties or stars celeberties playing themselves. Can HBO be funny without famous camios?

Studio 60 sucks.


The toughest part of this job is not being able to see my family. Being away from the these last two months has highlighted just how close we were. Not just as kin, but as friends also. I would give anything to have a Sunday where we all sit around the living room making fun of my mom. I miss hanging out with Naima and Andrew and seeing the babies and gossiping with my sister. Before I left they all seemed pretty unenthusiastic about coming and visiting me. I hope that changes. I love those guys. My mom especially! (she would bitch if I didn’t mention her).

Todd Wilson.

I hung out a lot with Todd before I came out here and I miss that. We always had a good time just doing nothing. I would drive an hour out to his house so that we could go out and have fun. And every single fucking time we just ended up hangin out at his house or going and watching an ultimate show. Man it was lame. We also would bicker a lot, it was almost embarrassing , but I don’t think more than two hours went by without us getting pissed at each other. Man I miss that dude.

P.S. The account number above is fake.

17th September 2006

7:19pm: The Show Process
Every year Boom Chicago writes a new show. The process takes a month of hard work, no sleep, and little pay. We are just passed the middle hump of an exhausting month, and last week I lost my fucking mind!!

Normally rehearsal last from twelve to five followed by a two hour break. During the two hour break I go home, try to get a nap, take a shower, and head back to the theatre by seven (call time). We run sketches and new games from seven to eight, and start the show at eight fifteen. Curtain call is around ten, give or take a few minutes. After the show is done, we do a set ( to test new material). The set is done around ten thirty. Notes last us about thirty minutes (forty five lately...). Long story short, I am in the bar around eleven thirty for my staff drink, and home by one for a few episodes of Deadwood before I pass out.

Two days ago this didn't happend


I fell asleep at four in the morning and woke up three hours later ABSOLUTELY convinced it was eight pm rather than eight am.

I think this happens to alot of people. You wake up in a panic thinking you are late for work, but you're not and you go back to bed.


After stubbing my toe, getting dressed, brusing my teeth, running downstairs, unlocking my bike, ridding my bike, stopping at a red light, ridding my bike more, I still thought It was night time and I was late for a show. I called Matt and Bj but they didn't answer. I thought I was gonna get fired. Dan answered his phone, I told him I was gonna be late for the show. He told me it was eight in the morning.


It was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.

* Only after dan told me what time it was did I realize that it was brisk and foggy outside. That people were on their way to work. That the sun was on the otherside.

I hope its the stress and lack of sleep. If not, I have a brain tumor.
Current Mood: worried

21st August 2006

1:42am: the best movie ever
Every Sunday Night, Steven (hour head technician) projects a movie on the theatre's big screen. Last week we watched "Harold and Maude". This week he showed the best/worst movie ever; "Deadly Weapons". Lots of people use the term "best/worst", too losely in my opinion. I don't fuck around, "Deadly Weapons" is it and always will be.

"Chesty Morgan" (credited as having the biggest, natural breast in movie history; size seventy three)plays a woman seeking to revenge the death of her fiance. She hunts down and kills each of his murderers and kills them with her huge breast, aka "deadly weapons". Rent this movie and watch it now!

Current Mood: drunk

11th August 2006

8:42pm: Kevin Manwarren is a good guy
Today I woke up really late. Three in the afternoon to be exact. It was a well deserved sleep in as we have been working on the new show "Me, Myspace and iPod" all week long. In addition to the late night sets and all day rehearsals, I moved out of my place and into "party central"(house that boom owns) this week. I will be living here temporarily; until Ryan Gowland leaves. It's a beautiful apartment with a huge bathtub.

ANYHOW. After taking a bath and making some tea i went out with BJ to eat some calzones and get high on one of boom's boats as we sail down the canals.

Life is good here sometimes.

BUTTTTTTT. The point of this entry is.


I miss that guy, and love him.

Naima: don't tell grandma i get high.

Taladega Nights doesn't come out here untill late november. That's awesome!

Current Mood: hungry

7th August 2006

1:36pm: MY Job
Nate Hillen and I would vent on how dodgy the Boom actors were when they came home. Maybe "dodgy" is the wrong word, but it just seemed like they could never give an acurate protrayal of what it was like in Amsterdam. Now that I think of it, Nate and I were fools. We'd never been to Amsterdam or expierienced a Boom show and still we knew what it was like and everyone else who actually "lived" there was wrong. This is for Nate:

Every friday Boom Chicago does a "Heiniken Late Night". A show where all ten of the actors perform together playing games we pick and getting drunk on free beeer in the process. The feeling all around and all night is "good" or "laidback". Some of my most memorable experiences are during "HLN". Like this friday when Jon Rosenfeld Aka "pep" Aka my boss pulled me aside to have a "talk".

My first thought was "this is it". It's taken me a while to get used to the shows and all thge games and references and talent and lifestyle etc... Im gonna get fired. Im just not fitting in.

Pep: Hey mike? Can I talk to you for a minute

Me: Yeah, Is there something wrong?

Pep: Do you want to go to Dance party tomorrow with me and Andrew where you have to t take ectasy (sp)

Me: Um... I don't... Let me think about it?

Pep: Great!

I ended up turning him down. I don't think I could ever do x.

Oh, and "Andrew"? He's the owner of Boom.

Nate: That's exactly what this job is like.
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4th August 2006

10:44am: A little Better.
Things, for now, are better...

I hope not to sound like a man who doesn't appreciate what he has, but this last week has been tough.

Yesterday was the last time I will have this conversation with anyone at Boom:

Mike: Hey do you know what the first thing I am going to do when I get home next week?

Boomer: ...What?

Mike: Go drive around in a car, and eat Patty's and hug my nephews and make fun of my sister and-

Boomer: Mike.

Mike: What?

Boomer: You aren't going home next week.

I thought it was funny, but it never made them laugh.

It's time to except this change has final, at least temporarily. That's why lastnight I went home early instead of staying out and drinking. I got a good nights sleep. I woke up early. I went to the grocery store. I ate breakfast. I drank some water. I took care of myself. This place is going to be my home for atleast the next year. I better start living here.

We started to write our new show this week. It's called My Myspace and iPod. It's a pretty fun concept- lots of Technical shit and a great design. I am looking forward to working with new people like Brian Jack and Hillary along with my old compadres.

Heiniken Late Night Tonight! I'm gonna get drunk!
Current Mood: complacent

2nd August 2006

10:36am: Fuck
Got in My first bike accident last night.

For those who don't know, Amsterdam is ruled by the bike. I see cars and trams and stuff, but most people are ridding bikes. Tarik (the actor I replaced) gave me his bike just before he left and I've been "learing" ever since. One of the things to learn is to always cross tram tracks perpendicularly (sp) or else your bike wheel might get caught and launch you off the bike. This happened to Dan a little while back and he had to get stitches. Last night i rode home in the rain and had the very same thing happen to me. I am ok, luckly. Just embarrased i guess. There was a dutch guy who watched happen and he said "CHKG8ERCKK" and i told him i was ok.

I wouldn't move to europe if they paid me.
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31st July 2006

9:29pm: Fuck
Forgot the good news. I got skype! If you also have skype and want to talk to me via the internet for free my user name is michael.orton.toliver.

The rest of you can call me for free ( as long as I am online) using this number: 909-581-4535

note: you must dial the area code no matter where you call from. Also, you can call me for free, but it doesn't work the other way. So worst case scenario: you can call me and leave a voice message - when i get it, i will email you and have you call me back and we can chat for free!!!

Current Mood: little better
9:17pm: Stable enough
Hello all.

I am stable enough, I think, to check in with everyone back in the states. Boy do I miss all of you. This morning I had a dream about how I was gonna spend my saturday. First I am gonna go and eat some patty's and then I was gonna call Stan and hang out at his mom's house. Maybe go swimming, maybe shoots some hoops. Then I would call Todd and maybe hang out with him after the shows or something- hopefully he and I can stop bickering; people are gonna think we are gay or something. Then I woke up and realized that first- it ain't fucking saturday- and two I live in fucking Amsterdam.

What happened instead?

Mr. Anderson (my roomates cat who decided that a nice welcoming gift would be to shit all over my carpet... I think i counted three shit piles that were fresh and two that were a week old or so...) jimmy opened my door and jumped on my bed (How does a cat jimmy open a door?)and started licking my face. I'm allergic to cats, so this gives me an asthma attack. Fortunately, I have my inhaler. But wait! Mr. Anderson thinks this is a toy! "Hey look, an asthma inhaler! I'm scratch that dark guy a whole bunch until he gives to me. And then, when I get it from him, I am gonna hide underneath the couch with it so he has to find another one. Ha Ha, that's funny". I cleared up my asthma and then hoped into the shower to wipe off all the dander... Anyone know how to use the showers in Amsterdam? Cause I burned my back this morning.

After getting dressed I hoped on my recently acquired bike and set of to find my way to Boom. Without asking anyone for directions! Forty five minutes later I was at Boom ready to hang out with someone, anyone. The problem with that is everyone I know works at boom, so they never want to hang out there during the day. Fuck I'm lonely.

And to think, I could have spent all day at Stan's moms house... You know, his pool as salt water in it? Yean, that's so they don't have to put chlorine in it.... You should check it out... it's cool.... ( tear)

Miss America!


p.s: Favortie moment so far... Watching a Dutch guy buy a Yankees shirt cause he "likes American baseball" and not knowing it was a Daryl Strawberry Jersey.
Current Mood: lonely

15th April 2006

3:25pm: Just an intro
Hey guys. I'm setting up an account for when I am in Amsterdam. How do i get friends and people and stuff?

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